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  3. The Blue Boy portrait is currently in a gallery at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. Thomas Gainsborough completed the painting sometime around the year of 1770. There are several interesting tales to tell that go with The Blue Boy. It is believed to be a portrait of the young son of a merchant who was a friend of Thomas. The name of the merchants son is Jonathan Buttall. The painting measures 70.00 inches tall x 44.10 inches wide. Gainsborough had a rivalry going with another painter named Sir Joshua Reynolds. Some bel
  4. For those that believe this...
  5. You should make a novel or somethin'
  6. I've read mixed reviews on the guy.....I personally I am not a podcast listener as these guys do not know anymore than the general John Q Beanpicker public does....
  7. Last week
  8. They're coordinates to remember where he parked.
  9. thanks you very much for the following be sure to an eye out for the interesting posts to come πŸ™‚

  10. Introduction This is a list of English classical composers, both real and fictional. The fictional ones are intended to become a reality in a separate timeline or in revised history. However, the names of these composers inserted into this list are largely hypothetical. That is, they may or may not be named as such after history is changed. The names of these composers are highlighted in boldface. The purpose of the presence of these composers is to make more compositional geniuses out of the people of England. European countries, particularly Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria,
  11. i have been trying to look this for years
  12. so i saw this back in my school jotters back in 2016-18 and when i left school and i saw a guy who was working on a site and he was looking up at the sky and he pointed this out to me then i looked up and saw this i ran straight home to to draw this
  13. More than likely the ego of an idiot has no boundary.
  14. John Greenewald, Jr. has The Black Vault, it is mostly UFO related but worth a listen. theblackvault.com Black Vault Twitter Black Vault YouTube
  15. I got reminded about Jimmy Church when I was setting up the Twitter account for the site. Is he any good? I stopped listening to Coast to Coast AM years ago when Noory took over (I don't hate him, just not my thing) and haven't really stumbled upon anything that scratches that same itch. Pretty sure I tried listening a LONG time ago, but wondering if anyone else here listens and what they think. Maybe some kind of "watch party" can be set up here to talk about it while it airs?
  16. NASA wants to buy Moon rocks from private companies NASA is officially in the market for Moon rocks β€” and it’s willing to pay any company that’s capable of scooping them up. Today, the space agency is putting out a call for proposals from companies, challenging them to snag small samples of rocks on the Moon’s surface. The companies will have to prove that they have collected lunar samples in some kind of small container by sending pictures and data to NASA. If satisfied, NASA pledges to purchase the samples for between $15,000 and $25,000. Eventually, NASA w
  17. Ugh. Some things never change. Why is it that people wanting to pretend to be time travelers insist on violating the rules and placing their attempts at time travel claims in the forum dedicated to actual science of time? 😴 RMT
  18. Zeroes and Ones ~ Zeroes and Poles (fundamental aspect of control systems analysis in the Laplace Domain). These are long videos, so I will have to take time to digest them all. But they are very closely linked to my work on going beyond Space Time unification, to the full fledged reality of Massive Space Time unification. Good stuff here! RMT
  19. In this forum we will discuss all theories on how time travel is possible, could be possible, or if it is possible at all, then explain why we think that.
  20. Not sure what any of it means. Sure sounds exciting though.
  21. I think I passed through there once when I played Ducktales on NES.
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