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A close look at Leonardo da Vinci AND Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
Reading the Biblical verses about the Last Supper of Jesus, I decided to look at Leonardo da Vinci's painting entitled, "The Last Supper."    I am aware that it is being claimed that Leonardo encoded information in his painting.   I noticed that the wine chalice is missing, maybe because Leonardo believed that Mary Magdalene was the Holy Grail.   The blood of Jesus contained in a pregnant Mary.   Which will be discussed a bit later in this thread.

Looking closer at the painting, I realized that considering who Leonardo da Vinci was considered to be, a master painter (artist), he did a tremendously horrible job with The Last Supper.   This started a mini-quest to learn more about Leonardo da Vinci.  

I engaged in a discussion years ago where it was mentioned that Leonardo and Michelangelo had a rivalry with each other.  At the time, I never pursued looking into that statement.   In the same discussion, it was also mentioned that the mural in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the other in the Sistine Chapel were done in competition, one artist trying to out-do the other one.  

I would say that Michelangelo wins.   

Leonardo's painting,The Last Supper,  when examined more closely, reveals some surprising attributes that I never noticed until the other day. 

1.   It actually is relatively small in size.   280 inches x 350 inches  ( Not that size matters, however, if competing with Michelangelo, it is a fail )
2.  The hand of the disciple holding the knife (behind Judas), his hand seems to have been painted in a unnatural, or strained position.  Pointing this out because Leonardo was known for his detail in his art work.  "He" could have done better.   
3. The perspective is off.   I.e., The tapestries on either side of the room are out of alignment.  Figured Leonardo could do better.

Learned these details while doing some researching on Leonardo da Vinci :

4.  Leonardo had trouble with the face of Jesus, eventually giving up.
5.  He made a mistake in mixing the paint and it began to fall apart soon after Leonardo declared he was finished with it.  

The Last Supper   

 ( Source for image: Wikipedia )

What also came to light was that Mona Lisa was small for a portrait of the day, and Leonardo worked on that painting for 4 years and never finished it.  And he was commissioned to do a statue, which he took so long to work on, the job was cancelled.  

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MAINBASE BBS (040 - 965819) Malm, Sweden

FROM UFO Magazine Vol 2, No 4 1987

For over 20 years Allan Drake has been obediently listening to alien messages coming to him telepathically. Though at first resistant and disbelieving, Drake has finally come to terms with his experiences-and his unseen mentors-enough to recall the contact hopefully and passionately express his dismay about general ignorance of extraterrestrial phenomenon. He sounds a clear warning that such ignorance must end.
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Below please find information on the modern religion of Witchcraft.  After being the victims of hundreds of years of 'bad press', Witches are beginning to go public and to define themselves and their religion.
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We are limited on the physical world, we are somewhat trapped inside our bodies. There is still a part of us that can go beyond these limits and thus travel outside the body.

There are three types of traveling out of the body. An out of body experience or astral travel is when the "spirit" exits the body, still connected to the body, and then returns to the body after a short while. The spirit is still connected to the body by what some say is a "silver cord" attached to the body and to the spirit. This would explain why the body doesn't die when 
the spirit travels outside.

Many people have reported going out of their body when they have died. Obviously, they returned to the body that was still able to live and report their experience. These are called NDE's or Near Death Experiences. Many people, after having an NDE have changed their ways of life. They live a more peaceful and a much more fulfilling life understanding to some degree what is waiting for them after death.

Another kind of experience can be explained, by some, as reincarnation. The body dies, the spirit exits and comes back in another body.

Anyone can have an out of body experience, many people have, but just haven't cared to try and understand it. Here is a simple guide to astral travel.


Find a comfortable room, dimly lit or even dark. It is best  you are not disturbed during this. Lie down and relax, loosen clothes or take them off, and remove anything that is limiting  your need to relax.

Close your eyes and relax your body and mind. Breathe easy,  slowly, and deeply in rhythm, mouth slightly open. 

Focus on a single image as you begin to fall asleep. When you reach the state bordering sleep and wakefulness, deepen your relaxation by concentrating on the blackness beyond your eyelids.

Focus on a point about twelve inches away from your forehead and slowly extend that point to a distance of about five to six feet. Draw an imaginary line parallel to your body. Focus on that plane, imagine vibrations and bring them down into your forehead.

Control the vibrations by guiding them through your body, from your head to your toes and back again. When you can produce these vibrations on mental command, you are ready to travel.

To leave the body, concentrate on how pleasant it would be to float upward. Concentrate on these relaxed thoughts and your 
astral body should begin to rise.

To return to the body simply concentrate on rejoining the body and the spirit.

Astral Pathways - Guidance to spiritual growth
- Damon Pike
concentrate on rejoining 

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List of German composers
This is a list of German classical composers, both real and fictional. The fictional ones are intended to become a reality in a separate timeline or in revised history. However, the names of these composers inserted into this list are largely hypothetical. That is, they may or may not be named as such after history is changed. The names of these composers are highlighted in boldface.
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Welcome to Curious Cosmos
Welcome, one and all, to Curious Cosmos.

First things first, Curious Cosmos now hosts the Time Travel Institute forums. The two have not merged, per se, but it makes more sense to run one community platform than a handful of smaller sites. TTI is not going away; it's now part of a larger whole.

So, why the change?
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Outta Time Episode 28
How on earth did Duran Duran know about the 45th president of the United States? Watch and listen to find out what I mean. They knew about Trump Tower, that's for sure. Is this merely coincidence, or is something eerie going on?
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List of French composers
This is a list of French classical composers, both real and fictional. The fictional ones are intended to become a reality in a separate timeline or in revised history. However, the names of these composers inserted into this list are largely hypothetical. That is, they may or may not be named as such after history is changed. The names of these composers are highlighted in boldface.
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