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  1. They're coordinates to remember where he parked.
  2. I got reminded about Jimmy Church when I was setting up the Twitter account for the site. Is he any good? I stopped listening to Coast to Coast AM years ago when Noory took over (I don't hate him, just not my thing) and haven't really stumbled upon anything that scratches that same itch. Pretty sure I tried listening a LONG time ago, but wondering if anyone else here listens and what they think. Maybe some kind of "watch party" can be set up here to talk about it while it airs?
  3. Not sure what any of it means. Sure sounds exciting though.
  4. I think I passed through there once when I played Ducktales on NES.
  5. Alright, so it's 5PM on the East coast and nothing major. 9/14 is a bust so far. This seems to be the only notable thing happening today: https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/516333-federal-judge-rules-pennsylvanias-coronavirus-orders-are
  6. This is spoilers for the book, so click away if you haven't read this but want to. Jake Epping changes the past in 1963, and when he returns to the present day he finds a post-apocalyptic wasteland; roving gangs and a general badness. This might be a good candidate? Unsure if anyone else has read it here. Could also be he just ended up in 2020.
  7. General Edwin A. Walker is known to most JFK assassination buffs as the man whom Oswald allegedly shot at in April 1963. The general's right-wing connections are often noted, as is the fact that he was forced out of his command by the Kennedy administration for his political indoctrination of his troops. His activities during the race riots in Oxford, Mississippi in 1962 are also often mentioned, when he was arrested on four federal charges including insurrection. His public statement at Oxford was as follows: The Army ordered General Walker to undergo psychiatric testing. Th
  8. Another weird corn Tweet from Grassley. He's sent a few of these before.
  9. This was posted not too long ago; piqued my interest because of the specific dates. I assume "Kevin" is Kevin Clinesmith, the lawyer who altered the email about Carter Page. Let's see what happens tomorrow I guess.
  10. PM me what you want to edit and I'll take care of it. Maybe we can increase edit time limit.
  11. Fear not. I think we're watching the death throes of the "old guard". It wouldn't be this bad if "they" weren't incredibly desperate. Doesn't stop it from being frightening htough.
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