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  1. His letter in the beginning of ‘a time travelers tale’ always gave me this interesting vibe. I believe haber is the lawyer or a lawyer of the lawyer for the family. Don’t get too caught up in the ‘story’ That’s where they getcha:)
  2. As many of you already are aware, I am working on an update to Conviction of a Time Traveler. As work has progressed, I have decided to publish an excerpt of the work thus far. The topic will be the true origins and explanation of the "177" insignia. This work represents original research never before published or seen anywhere else. Similarly, I have not commented on it before with the exception of a very short list of confidantes (you know who you are). These discoveries were made several years ago and is but a very small portion of the update that I am currently working on. The reason
  3. While this is true, I also have a computer/Mac that has been modified by a company I built and its programmers to keep my computer safe and sound:) Also, I believe the original post was from Forbes. Not likely for a virus to exist on such a reputable page. I could be wrong but ::shrugs:: All is well/deleted so everyone can rest safely and 'virus free'
  4. Wasn't a virus as I use a Mac haha But I deleted it anyway bc clearly you have an issue w people reading the info I provided.
  5. link wasn't a virus as I use a Mac. But I deleted it anyway bc you clearly have an issue w people reading the info I provided.
  6. "Between 2019 and 2020 we will update the European Strategy for Particle Physics and define the roadmap of the field for future years. It will be a very important and intense time for the community." http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/article/qa-the-future-of-cern (Q&A: The future of CERN)
  7. "But what if the singularity could occur just outside a black hole's event horizon? Physicists have theorized that in five or more dimensions, if an object that has shrunken to an infinite density – called singularity - is not restricted by an event horizon, it turn into naked singularity, and things would get so cracked in and around that object, we'd need to totally rethink our understanding of how physics works." A five-dimensional black hole could 'break' general relativity, say physicists | Physics-Astronomy
  8. Also...in case you don't understand: :) Publications - Stephen Hawking Straight from the horses mouth cowboy
  9. Crazy, I didnt know you were a physicist now. Care to provide proof that you are the expert you claim to be?? ::sips coffee::
  10. Welcome to the mandela effect haha I remember Berenstein Bears as well as Jiffy PB :coffee::geek::ninja:
  11. I agree. I believe they are watching...and thinking...and creating :)
  12. Thats what Ive always said. scientists, government officials, doctors, physicists..... they can afford to be wrong about TT. What do we.... you, me, the majority of humanity..have to offer the future if we are wrong and this war actually hits....hence them not caring about our opinions on TT and the physics behind it haha again, we are currently in an arms race w China to build a collider. WHY if none of this is real......
  13. It has been mentioned many times that this forum is known in the future.... so I wouldn't necessarily call it a "silly message board" haha Also, I agree...I do not think 90% of them would sign up...but I do however think the other 10% that signed up would just be trolling around bulling/being aggressive to the kind hearted people who believe in hopes to control/change things. China is building a hydrogen/particle collider.... I think that says more about the science of TT than randoms on the internet.
  14. Not 'looking' for conspiracies haha just trying to get people thinking. And I could see how individuals thinking outside of the box is annoying.... people don't normally like to have their view point challenged. Look at how nuts people get about things they are passionate about/believe in.... hence why religion and politics are a 'no no' hahaha Point is we are thinking....and talking....correct or not. However...I will say, wheres theres smoke...there is usually fire :) I may not be 100% correct but I have proven something in the bath water isn't clean here. (remember o
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