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  1. More than likely the ego of an idiot has no boundary.
  2. May God forbid that from ever happening!
  3. The CDC quietly put up revised death counts on their website. Out of 150,000 reported deaths, only around 9000 were deaths where the only cause found was covid. That translates into 6% of the numbers we are being told everyday. Of note was the actual death count was also associated with advanced age. We all know that lots of older folks have weakened immune systems. Possibly no immune system at all. I just recently discovered that a vaccine only works on people with an active immune system. It is not hard to see that a vaccine might not have saved any of these older folks if their immune syste
  4. Perfectly normal. But I wouldn't be surprised if you could use your smart phone as a stop watch. Practice makes perfect. Making the mental effort to maintain focus will get better with practice. One more thing I've come across in descriptions of technique to use is, do your practice sessions during the day when you are not tired. Many folks try this at the end of the day which usually ends up with them falling asleep.
  5. I came up with one that I think can be beneficial. Get a stop watch and time yourself to see how long you can go before an errant thought interrupts your focus. Just pick out maybe a half hour of practice time during the day. It might only be 30 seconds at first. I tried it once to see what my time was. One minute and 30 seconds for me. Just keep trying to get the time longer and longer. How long do you shoot for? Just guessing, but I suspect 10 minutes is probably way more than it will take. Keep a log to watch your improvement over time. Of course I think my problem is a built in fear that I
  6. Not no thoughts! Just a state of meditation where you are consciously holding on to one image in your mind. It is hard at first. But it is a skill that can be mastered. Your mind is being held still in this meditative state by an act of will. This is very similar to how we fall asleep. Too tired to think anymore. We close our eyes and bam, we are asleep. The only difference is we are actively holding onto consciousness without the constant banter of continuous thoughts. As far as I know there is no way to tell if the death was self induced by a successful attempt at astral projection. I'v
  7. There are many sources for how to achieve astral projection. But none will achieve with an active mind. No thoughts allowed. My take on this is that by focusing on a single object one tricks ones body and mind to to shut down into the sleep state of unconsciousness. Of course one is still conscious in the background. I'll disagree with you on your assertion. Because to me when one is out of their body, it stands to reason that this would be a state of being after death. Everyone eventually dies. Those that do die have no way to tell us if some of those deaths were the result of an out of
  8. No! Of course I didn't know about that at the time. So I wasn't looking for that. This at my best guess happened to me around the early 90's. But the experience was very real to me at the time. My visual perception during the experience was extremely vivid, very crisp with lots of detail. I think the stark realization that I was existing without my body hit me like a sledge hammer. I now know without any doubt whatsoever that there is another reality to continue on into should I die. Just know that all the descriptions are from those that do successfully come back. We'll never know for su
  9. Just once for me after about 2 weeks of unsuccessful attempts. You must remain focused on your mental object without any other intrusive thoughts. If you succeed you will notice you have no sensory input at all. Try sitting up in your astral body and leave. My successful attempt resulted in my exiting my body. I walked toward the bedroom door. I attempted to open the door, but to my surprise my hand passed right through the doorknob. Then I turned around and saw my body on the bed. I wasn't prepared for that. It was kind of shocking to view myself from that perspective. I was instantly ba
  10. I think the questions are appropriate for someone like yourself who has nothing but bullshit spouting out of his mouth.
  11. Why would I believe you? It appears you are attempting to perpetuate a hoax started by another. Or probably by you! You wouldn't be the first hoaxer to register more than one account. I do believe applicants for an account will most likely be banned if the Mods discover your IP address is the same as another account.
  12. For those of you have not read this thread in its entirety, the poster ichtion failed to even bother with verifying his veracity. I gave him a chance to do so. He declined. This is typical of time traveler hoaxers. So if I add an F to his name for failure it comes out as Fichtion.
  13. Hell! Just posts the plans for the time machine!
  14. Maybe this show was used as the basis for the current coronavirus hoax. Seems kind of suspicious that 99% of those infected have no reaction. Kind of like they already had the virus and are now immune. It's just the usual suspects taking out older folks. Nothing new there. Respiratory illness is very common in older folks.
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