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  1. Where did the book come from, did you buy it or was it given to you?
  2. They would have all been briefed upon their rise to the Pres job you would think. So if they know, its possible in the top mans eyes no one else needs to be informed at this TIME.
  3. Even without the above, some people have had multiple tests with both positive/negative results. The tests havent been around that long really so who really knows the consistency of them and then the info in the opening post. Someone has to be benefiting.
  4. @mOnique23 sounds like it might have worked for you. Cool:)
  5. Time to pull out the ignore feature.

  6. Door to Door testing going on here, i wont be getting tested thats for sure.

  7. People see and hear what they want to its their choice.
  8. Mayhem


    Nice One!
  9. Do you mean Iran instead of Iraq?
  10. @PaulaJedi maybe try and set the distance to the lowest? , just to test it out.
  11. Have used it twice now, it came up with voids both times. Went to one location which wasnt far away in which i am familiar with have to keep experimenting.
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