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  1. Greetings _Oz ! Thank you for answering my questions. Very interesting with the quantum computers. What created the “kick” energy? Was it also for one second duration or was it less? Is it like thinking action and equal opposite reactions? What would all of a sudden create order out of a state of disorder? Did a computer snap its fingers or could it be an encounter with the divine in those states? I like your description on possible entities from other planets. Could it be that there are non-entities from each planet in our solar system? Could you elaborate more? Seems like each would have
  2. Greetings _Oz, your conversations are interesting and intriguing. Is kicking back one second a type of frame dragging? Does it incorporate angular momentum? Is it because of the work N. Tesla? How is it that you can vote (being a time traveler from in the future) and not have a ripple effect on your timeline? What if you voted the other way or even not at all? Of course I am not saying that US registered voters shouldn’t voice their choice for leadership. What would happen- have you seen those universes? Do you know the outcome of the 2020 election currently happening in the USA if you are co
  3. Hi Oz! Thank you for sharing more about the chess game of time travel. Interesting concepts regarding your method for traveling. I like the reference to Avatar. Have you been on this timeline since 1989? Do you recall any major time shifts or maybe a time quakes March 2006 or September/October 2015? You talk about how there were things that caused you to become more than just a passive observer...what happened there? That there was something more causing a fire under your feet and as a result you feel more brave to speak up. What is so alarming? Sometimes I feel like we are all part of some
  4. In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the Olympian Gods. I think there is something really unique when using a prism to bend light like with the photoelectric effect. Different wavelengths of color have different speeds and chemical reactions. Recently, scientist Ronald Mallett stated that if gravity affects time, and light creates gravity- then light affects time. Is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?
  5. Explored a bit with this app the other day. Let’s just say my intention was a question about present thoughts from someone in the past. The random generation lead me to a place close enough that I felt comfortable to check out. As I drive to my location, I park along the street & just look from inside my car. There I see a really cool treehouse that I had not seen before. I think back to a memory regarding this past symbol. In fact, there was a treehouse in my past where some significant words were said inside a communication tube. I wonder what may have been exactly in that spot if I had
  6. Where did you find that? Who is the artist? It reminds me of the Great Pyramid somehow. There is a theory that there is a mirror image pyramid connected right underneath. Created that way to stabilize the Earth. Those shapes look as though there are three scenes depicting that idea. An astral, cross-section and aerial view.
  7. Do cameras capture tachyons? I believe you asked that question. Are they like mini time machines? My question concerns the capture process. Do you know which style is best? Film vs digital? Do people need to be concerned that their photos are being mined for metadata? Can anyone access those photos remotely, in other words “spy” ? I have always been quite suspicious/curious of Siri or any AI.
  8. The number pi has always fascinated me. I always thought that there must be something special about a number that goes on forever in decimals. Is it a code to unlock? Why is 22 / 7 a close cousin? Although I am not a math whiz, I often wondered if the number could be used to calculate circumferences of a spiral.
  9. Interesting! Where does it say that in the Bible? Can you explain why words are changing? For instance, I remember the Lion & the Lamb. I have read the Secret many years ago and find the concepts thought provoking. Create a language? Perhaps it is already written in the stars with glyphs & symbols. In regards to men from Mars, ladies from Venus- may come from Greek/Roman mythologies. Mars/Aries have the masculine energy while Venus/Aphrodite have feminine energy. In those tales, I believe Aphrodite is “married” to Hephaestus/Vulcan the god of metal smithing but desires Aries as her equ
  10. Although I am unsure what you mean by “richest”, but I would think karma might control the balance. Have you heard of Bible verses changing from the originals? I think it is interesting that you display the cologne “Eternity” and an hour glass. Did you realize that Calvin Klein is the creator of that fragrance? Like in the movie, Back to the Future uses the name for Marty when he is in the past. Why do you post a photo of a bird? Is it a white dove? Like in the story of Noah and the Ark?
  11. As I look at some information about that future day, I see that Mars, Saturn and Neptune are all in their proper home place from my perspective. Is that significant in some way too? I think I remember reading years ago that the founders of USA knew the positions of the planets at that time and selected a Cancer sun and I believe a Gemini ascendant. In case anyone is interested, the sun sign is your inner self and your ascendant is how you introduce yourself to the world. When you say no shadows and only light, what do you mean? How do you know that moment in time for the universe is one to
  12. Hi Sergiuspaulus, Thank you for sharing the info on Dr. Lang. Very, very intriguing. As far as your doppelgänger storyline, check out the film “Only You” with Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei for a happy ending in 1994. Good luck!
  13. In regards to Enochian info, thank you for passing that along. Very interesting to look up. I think the shamanistic approach is terrific intellectual approach. In my view, there is more synchronicity. Good luck!
  14. Hi Sergiuspaulus, I like how you keep bringing up certain movies and films. Which films are significant in your opinion? Are you saying that there is actual science concepts undiscovered contained in the time/space of a fiction movie? For instance, like the plot and quantum technologies in Ant Man? That the “captured on film” have frozen time particles such as photons that can be utilized to prove theories or create innovations in real life? Does it matter what format the film was shot on? Thank you.
  15. Very interesting! I certainly believe in the power of prayer and other motions of it. I have seen it’s effects for myself and truly feel there is divine communication/interaction that can happen. In my studies, I find that yes, the action of speaking words can have an effect on reality. True, it is from one’s perspective and everyone’s journey is their own race. However, there is a legend that considers the blacksmithing of English words were overseen by the Druids. That there is a code contained within each word. In regards to math contained in the Bible, I think there is more to the concept
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