Hawaii is now 22 acres smaller

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    Hawaii is now 22 acres smaller


    Lava deltas are new land formed from lava that enters the sea and hardens in a wide fan shape. They are usually layers upon layers of sloping loose fragments and lava flow. They're awesome to look at and visit, but they can be very unstable and collapse into the sea very easily.

    One of Hawaii's famous lava deltas is called Kamokuna, which was formed from the Big Island's Kilauea volcano spewing lava and meeting the Pacific Ocean. The Kamokuna lava delta is a very popular tourist spot but can also be very dangerous place to hang out, which you can see in the video below.

    This video was taken on New Year's Eve by five tourists who decided to not heed the closure line and warning signs for the viewing platform and almost died because of it. The lava delta began collapsing earlier that day which is why the viewing platform was closed.

    Read the rest of the article here about the 22 acres of delta lava land form falling into the ocean: WATCH: A Chunk of Hawaii Just Collapsed Into the Ocean
    See this post on the main site.
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    Media really didn't cover this, did it?
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    It was not really covered on the East Coast. The West Coast though seemed to have a little more coverage of this though.

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