Is there was there a Lord Vader curse?

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    I have studied the Star Wars phenomena, principally because I was one of the ones that reported they had flashback memories after seeing this movie.

    Because the Emperor of this said mythical Empire, had his intrest invested into an over-technocracy, "or too much of a strength of a society", the malfeasance of bad part of this empire, had become intrinsic. This means that as far as a mathematical quantity goes, this was a 1,. meaning a totally quality of quality of one in itself. So a body cannot add anything else to this.

    So in some of the incarnates of these past being, that have been born on Earth today, these individuals are in some instance protected by a reactive curse. Meaning that they are fine and okay, however if some bad is attempted to be added to this protective curse, then curse acts to encompass that incarnate and keep others from hurting them.*This is because it was part of a deal, that cannot be altered later.

    Right now, there seems to be a movement to inflict more pain and suffering placed upon the Darth Vader character as based in this storyline for the movie script. Some have even said that they're trying to add a not wholly accepted other religion to it.

    The problem with this is, that you cannot add another religion to an intrinsic curse, that already was that quality to begin with. What this action would do, is to encourage odd as well as very bizarre s deaths of accident to the nature of anyone having to do with the retelling of this past story, for money or finance gains.

    So inflicting even more pain on the Vader character, would be tantamount, to adding more trouble to the peoples as well as potentially viewers who wish to inflict pain and suffering upon the past by chance characters involved with both this telling as well as movie series. Know that this is a highly , highly dangerous thing to do.

    What I am surprised at, is why didn't the makers of this movie just did not tell the story as far as they had known it to be, and just let things go at four monies and some books and media made? This action rather than try milking the storyline when they suspected it had been a dangerous telling, for everything that they could get out of it? Thank you, this is all I have to say in this matter for now.

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