Semantologies of ancient space empire/ biologies

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    There is a problem with the retelling of the Star Wars empires.This small problem could cost this society dearly, as it does not understand itself in this method of comparative prose,. or the track that it's on.

    The problem is, "since some were after this information and is vested as a question", what gave the emperor the ability to be so long lived and who was he? The answer to this question is, that he was from a long line of royalty, so his affiliation had been an established gene cult, but this was within a highly evolved technical hierarchy.

    So the output here revolves around a little bit more and begs a second question and this is, "what is royalty and why does this social specter rise in the older known space wars"? The answer again, is that in its start, royalty is usually either a leader, or a prime physical-mental specimen, that has the ability to in some way either act as an example, or a leader in some social clause.

    Okay at this point some of you may be saying, "I don't know what the Hell your'e talking about, what if anything does this have to do with both time travel and or the movie Star Wars"? The answer and put very pertly, is that the apex of some old vast galactic wars and this society meet in time, in potentiality. So the junk that you have on one side of the fence, magically jumps across that divider, to the other side.

    So the now redundant third question is, then what was the Emperor? A very simple answer and this reflects upon the then society, is that he was something similar to a highly gene *culted mole rat. Okay what is a mole rat? A type of burrowing mammal that experiences an almost insect-like existence, with a queen as a central referenced functionary point, or guidance to that collection.* gene culted, means from the genetic hierarchy flow, of that set.

    Still more questions pop up and these are, why is this important then? Because this society is in between making the very same decisions and these are, "will we let computers, or a computer artificially intelligent form of life lead our civilization?,."Or will we still depend upon publicly known both super-common as well as royalty to lead us in our ways"?

    Hmmgh I let a big snake out of the bag, on that one.

    Long and short on this one and high to the boys and girls at the intel. org.s reading this, is the reason why this society blundered into Star Wars, is that they in part both wanted some form of guidance, but also some were after a hidden found out known and this was,"What had made the Emperor so long lived"?

    The answer might have been and this was beginning to be based in a selfish gene autocracy, is that he became *autologously gene self supporting.This is a rare gene phenomenon. There was no queen, to speak of. *autologous, means generated from one's self.

    If you had seen Star Wars after the first battle ends and the court is assembled, Princess Leia ascends to royalty in front of her own royal court. Well' how did she just do that,.I mean like no prince, how could she just do that? The answer is that the other part of the balance beam had gone to Vader and the Emperor in concert themselves. This factor equals one queen.

    So at the NSA, CIA, someone makes a basket with a crumpled up piece of waste paper and cries, "Oh' that's how they did that"?!!

    But the answer here bunkies and I will explain it to you with a shhhsh, is that there is no real answer to this situation, it's kind of you,. that is in the picture.
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