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  3. I'll try. To take from one of the opening paragraphs as Wayne Mcdonnell writes. " I found it necessary to delve into various sources for information concerning quantum mechanics in order to be able to describe to nature and functioning of human consciousness." It uses Bob Monroe's techniques to achieve altered states of consciousness, hemi sync. Syncing the brain hemisphere. This seems to me to be similar to Binarual Beats. Also used are Hypnosis, Transcendental Meditation, frequencies, resonance, bio feedback, holograms and a few other things. Looking to alter the consciousness a document trying to understand the gateway process. At 29 pages it is a bit of a read but if you interested in this sort of thing, then have a look.
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  5. You Want Weird?

    Here is Donna Kossy's Kooks Museum: http://web.archive.org/web/20080215015348/http://www.pacifier.com/~dkossy/kooksmus.html Another weird theory that use to run around out there was the Aquatic Ape Theory put forth first by Alister Hardy and then Elaine Morgan. http://www.aquaticape.org
  6. You Want Weird?

    Same here will have a look at some of them.:)
  7. I came back to add this: UFO Witness Testimony: True or False? http://ufor.blogspot.com UFOs: Distortion or Mental Aberrations http://ufor.blogspot.com/2011/12/ufos-distortion-or-mental-aberrations.html
  8. Bat-winged man hit by delivery truck?

    Possible yes...But to me the account lacks plausibility..."The human perception system is rife with always of getting it wrong." Neil Degrasse Tyson
  9. It should not matter what your occupation is or what kind of degree you have when claims like this are made...It comes down to credibility....His will not suffer as much as some one say is an Astrophysicists or some thing like that....You have to stop short of calling these kind of claims lies simply because there is no evidence physically...Ever heard of the Betty and Barney Hill story? One of the more famous alien abduction stories. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barney_and_Betty_Hill Their claim was that they were abducted by aliens that came from the Zeti Reticula system....Every time I see that one person comes to mind and thats Nancy Lieder....Ever heard of her? Her claim is that she had aliens from this system implant some kind of device in her and thats how they communicate with her...She runs the website Zetatalk.... Psychologists have suggested that sleep paralysis maybe the culprit in a lot of these events...Which causes sleepers to experience a temporary immobility and the feeling they are being watched. http://www.history.com/topics/history-of-ufos
  10. Bat-winged man hit by delivery truck?

    You can see a winged figure clear as day, but still not be able to see facial features.
  11. Post songs you love

    I get the good goosebumps whenever this comes on.
  12. The Dresden Files

    These books are rad, I highly recommend.
  13. Proof of time travel, Long,

    That's a lot of information in there. What should I be looking for?
  14. Resurrected threads

  15. Resurrected threads

    Correct. I'm finalizing the process to efficiently sort everything Archive.org has available and am going to start getting it into the site tomorrow. Once I make a little progress, I'll set up a system so anyone can contribute to resurrecting things they find in the database as well.
  16. Resurrected threads

    Hi Cosmo, Well, it's possible, but doesn't work yet. Correct? For example, I searched "Titor" first and got 6 results. Then I added "TimeTravel_0" in "Search by Author" field. Then got the same result...
  17. Resurrected threads

    Aha, that's a great idea. I just double checked how search works on this software and it looks like it's already possible: So, if you wanted to find stuff about conspiracies posted by Rick Donaldson on Anomalies.net it looks like you can do that, AND you can filter by replies, views, date and some other nice stuff
  18. Resurrected threads

    Hi Cosmo, Thank you. I could understand the possible problem in my original idea. It would be good if I can search like "some user's posts in bbs.artbell.com" or "some word in communities.anomalies.net", etc. Whatever the way, it would be nice if we can easily read and search historical threads.
  19. It's Friday after 5 :) Join me in Discord if you feel like hanging out.

  20. Mapping The Cosmos with Cepheid Stars

    Hey everyone So I came across this article today. It’s a bit long .So I do apologize http://www.astronomy.com/news/2018/01/mapping-the-cosmos-with-cepheid-stars
  21. That's true, it boils down to him just claiming these things and there's no way to verify. Here's the guest entry for Midnight in the Desert about him... His name is Adam Ambrose: http://midnightinthedesert.com/adam-ambrose/ Hey may or may not be legitimate... I wouldn't be advertising my exploits as an actor and a writer if I were trying to claim these things and be taken seriously though...
  22. No two people will read it the same way thats sure.
  23. Resurrected threads

    We could do that, but the myriad of forums and categories would still bloat up the forum index. Someone curious about ghosts, for example, would have to look through 5 or 6 separate ghost-related forum categories all over the board vs. having everything ghost related in one place. Keeping it simple, we can still do something similar by linking to the site's tag like this: https://curiouscosmos.com/tags/anomalies.net/ Also, the first post of each resurrected thread will have a link to the database entry where that content was found (so you can go look at the original on Archive.org or just poke around the database and see what else there is). Here's the one I'm still setting up for Anomalies: https://airtable.com/shrAOqKrkTCcdgLDL/tblGRPIyXrCiPjiFX/viw92VQjCgoPPGaVS You can expand (and link to) each individual record, too (see attached image). I like your idea of having things linked in the main menu so it's easy to find that content. Maybe dedicated pages for each site project that explains a bit about what that site was about or why we're bringing it back. Could have some links to various things like the database, the thread prefix view, etc... Maybe a thread feed that filters down to that site.
  24. Resurrected threads

    Hi, I definitely want to read the old articles in the original style. So I voted to “Create categories and forums to match the old sites”, but I prefer one more different way. It would be nice if you could make it. My idea is bellow. Why don’t you create a link to go to old pages in the current top page? Those who click the link would see choices of followings. bbs.artbell.com communities.anomalies.net timetravelinstitute.com timetravelportal.com And users would be able to dig these old pages by clicking one of them. Is this way possible? I used Internet Wayback Machine many times to see the old contents. But some pages sometimes aren’t saved. I really appreciate your effort. Siyoh, Japan
  25. If they were able to create our modern systems 6,000 years ago, a knowledge must have been considerable. Where they able to get help from above? Maybe its the way i read into it.
  26. 3D Tour of a Space Cloud Full of Baby Stars

    Sweet...Finally something that has not been Photoshopped and dropped on You Tube...Good find.
  27. Thats his description of it.....Thats fine. But in order for me to believe him I am going to have to have something other than "I was abducted by aliens." More evidence other than "I was abducted..." Now all that said with the literally thousands of claims out there by people claiming to have been abducted by aliens I ask myself this question..Were they actually abducted or just making this up to draw attention to themselves? I am not saying they have not been abducted but I think the long and short of it is until some one comes back with an artifact of alien design its just their claim and nothing more.
  28. Last week
  29. And what knowledge is there exactly to hide from the masses? The Sumerians had no great secrets that I know of....Other than Doomers taking the Nibiru crap to a whole new level of fakeology....There is nothing in this that even implies its some kind of mass control of the population at large.
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