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    Hello everyone I’m from Connecticut.I’m majoring in Astrophysics.I also write poems as a hobby.I also enjoy star gazing.I’m a gamer.I’m a huge space,and tech nerd Just wanted to write a quick intro.
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    Time Travel: An Approximate Mathematical Solution by Richard Lighthouse free at smashwords.com, barnesandnoble.com, RLighthouse.com This short technical note describes an approximate mathematical solution for Time Travel involving relativity and very brief time intervals. Time Travel is made possible by exploiting the fact that our universe literally blinks off and on at a very high frequency. Limitations of the solution are discussed including possible error sources. Assumptions are made for small changes in the speed of light and for the Lighthouse Frequency, which has been described in previous papers. This paper will only be meaningful to those with a background in calculus, physics or engineering. The math is derived by taking Einstein's equation, E=mc^2, and taking the partial derivative with respect to time. Readers will note that the speed of light is not constant per Dr Daniel Gezari's important paper; "Lunar Laser Ranging Test on the Invariance of C." Each reader must comprehend that our universe literally blinks off and on, more than 1 trillion times every second (1.1 THz). For those unconvinced that our universe is blinking - please see the related ebook, "The First Periodic Table for Elementary Particles," which provides compelling mathematical evidence. And on YouTube: Colonel Philip Corso, author of "THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL"; interviews with Corso regarding the Army's investigation of the 1947 Roswell vehicle, "We were never able to figure out how the propulsion system works...We only know it has something to do with blinking." Recorded 1997. #BlinkingUniverse RLighthouse.com
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    HI all, thanks cosmos. Im from down south on the planet, but wasnt always there. Nice to see a new forum. Congrats for starting it.
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    Hell's Prophet here..Well I am not really from Hell by the way...I live in the Carolina's...Been on an off various forums for years. I am married, no kids but we do have 3 cats....My job is of no interest here so I will not discuss it. I spent almost 7 years in the U.S. Army as a Truck Driver and a Petroleum Supply Specialist....My interest are varied and numerous...I like reading and investigating all types of UFO/Alien stuff, Cryptozoology is another favorite of mine, I do dabble in Conspiracy Theories as well. I like things related to Ancient Egypt especially embalming and mummification....One thing I do take seriously is all the fear mongering going on about end of the world scenarios especially this Planet X/Nibiru BS so if you post any of that crap here expect to see me down the line.
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    This book is no longer in print but I think a revised version has been put out and I believe its available on Amazon....Not sure so don't quote me. Church of the Subgenius (High Weirdness by Mail.) http://subgenius.com/hwbw.htm Also read Doona Kossy's book "Kooks"...
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    If they were able to create our modern systems 6,000 years ago, a knowledge must have been considerable. Where they able to get help from above? Maybe its the way i read into it.
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    Hi everyone So I came across this wicked cool article https://relay.nationalgeographic.com/proxy/distribution/public/amp/2018/01/orion-nebula-3d-hubble-spitzer-brown-dwarfs-planets-space-science
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    News like this in Space always makes me wicked happy. Cuz the universe is so huge.We have yet to make new discoveries in outer space
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    Welcome to the site @Mayhem and @CosmosLunarGirl! Glad to have you both
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    Nice! I'll need to find my headphones and give this a try; I've never messed with this stuff before.
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    Tomorrow I will embark on the arduous task of daily documentation, of what I believe to be, a descendant of the Southeast variant of what we call "Big Foot". I stumbled across this brutish, but tragically angelic, creature. He appears to be a common man, but a look into his double-wide gives us pause. I do believe most native Pennsylvanian's to carry common mitochondrial traits with the elusive pure-bred species, and our subject is exactly that. He has successful masqueraded as an IT hardware "expert" and assimilated into the business world through the savage and untamed world of The Pittsburgh Steelers. This clan gives him a commonality with common man through tribal association via hand-egg-ball and makes him appear as just another loud and untamed sports fan. Let us embark together, tomorrow.
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    Is this possible? Any one have a comment? Link Understandably. Vibrations or frequencies are linked to the understanding of different dimensions which resonate at different frequencies.
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    US Army Operational Group Fort Meade MD 20755 CIA-Library-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5-Gateway.pdf
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    I get the good goosebumps whenever this comes on.
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    I seen this a few months ago. I went through the whole document. You can make up your own mind. PROOF OF TIME TRAVEL.pdf
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    Hi Cosmo, Well, it's possible, but doesn't work yet. Correct? For example, I searched "Titor" first and got 6 results. Then I added "TimeTravel_0" in "Search by Author" field. Then got the same result...
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    Hi Cosmo, Thank you. I could understand the possible problem in my original idea. It would be good if I can search like "some user's posts in bbs.artbell.com" or "some word in communities.anomalies.net", etc. Whatever the way, it would be nice if we can easily read and search historical threads.
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    No two people will read it the same way thats sure.
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    Friend of mine were discussing ghosts and he eventually admitted to having a ghost in his home. He told me that he even had several psychics come to his house and they learned who the ghosts was roaming about ; a confused Comanche warrior. The Comanche warrior ghost knows he is looking for a lost personal artifact, but, does not remember who he is or what he is. Knowing the reputation of the Comanche warriors at the time he potentially became a ghost ; would it be wise to engage in activities with this warrior and accidentally remind of him who he is and what he is ?
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    That is AWESOME, nice find! Embedding it here as well:
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    We're back! Little mishap with some spam attacks, but we've got that mitigated now.
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    Did you purposely insert the spam ad for CrankMoney.Com or was that an accident?
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    Exoplanet discovery is one of the coolest things happening in science today. So many awesome things being found; makes me wonder what kinds of things they'll be finding when my kid is grown and I'm gone.
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    If there are some like this there are others. Karma will catch them matter of time.
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    They changed it from 440hz many years ago. The Nazis knew this and was one of the reasons they held those in their speeches in awe.
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    its a hemi-sync re-programing program. it works well and it works fast. meditation/imagination/re-animation and astralprogection. time moves rely slow while your doing it but moves slower out side of you mind. every time ive done it the audio goes for 33 minutes but clocks on wmy walls all say only 5 minutes have past.
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    ill work well,just stay in a happy mind set. i have a friend who lives in Viena and he is a conducter/writer of clasicl music. he has told me that 432 hz is a healing frequency. hes also in a group of very secret alchemists and tryed getting me to join. they plant seads (clues) all over the world for people to find. and ive spent more then a lifetime chasing this man, you might of heard of him ( Le Com Ta De Saint Germain). i found the ever lasting man and he told me of this 432hz power.
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    They want the Knowledge hidden from the Masses. So they are easier to control. Its sad really but thats the present world we live in.
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    I took agriculture in High School...Had two years of it.....As far as Sitchin goes he mean't well and was way off base concerning the Sumerians cuneiform writings. I have read most of his book the 12th Planet and agree they are a very dry read.
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    This is interesting and you're right. I don’t remember learning/spending more than one class period in high school and very briefly in undergrad. I wonder if there is a connection with who controls the school curriculum. For example, I wonder if other countries talk more about it. Just a thought.
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    AI is real but lets not forget it requires human input to exist. AI's control is directly dependent upon human interaction...Banks, retail outlets and other businesses are already using it.....Machines can only go as far as humans allow them to....On that note if you look at how things are controlled today; everything is on a computer and we are at the mercy those computers but they do not have the capability to control us without human input. They are controlling us now but they are doing it under human control.
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    I generally do not make predictions but I do watch those doomsday nuts make their predictions. Its always fun to debunk their crap.
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    He seems to collect them out of habit; some vinyl tools to obfuscate his dissimilarities. He knows not of material value. He measures worth in horsepower and a shadow spirit named “Dale” who seems to serve as both a mystic guide and a phonetic numerical following our 2. Your assumptions are astute, you must be well read in their habitats. He appears to sleep in a myriad of wire, possibly as a subconscious penance for abandoning the old ways. I followed it from a local circle K after noticing a distinct mating call, unmistakably the sound of skoal slapping the base of a dew can. You must understand he hides in plain sight, speaking a language he mimics but does not understand. Countless others have noticed him, but never truly SEEN. Only I appear to be woke.
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    Yep...3 years would make you wonder....
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    I want to read this.
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    The accounts you’re talking about were originally on Time Travel Institute. I bought that site in 2014 and renamed it to Curious Cosmos, but have undone that All of those accounts and content are still on TimeTravelInstitute.com, and I jspun this one off as a new site so I could do what I wanted without continuing to try and steer a cruise liner with a popsicle stick (if that makes sense). TTI had a purpose and I’m just letting it continue to have that, doing the new stuff here.
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    sounds pretty good by the way why did you delete everyone account on here
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    It's going to be really fun! I've always loved browsing through old sites, but Archive.org just makes it impossible to explore the way you normally would. It's not their fault, though... It's just the nature of capturing content like that in fits and starts. Once I get things with Curious Cosmos in general set up, I'll start setting up the TARDIS area. It'll be a custom application here where the content will live. The Time Travel Institute will work a little bit differently since it's on its own domain and is "live".
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    It was Wally Schirra and John Young and a few others that inspired me to get out and live my life. They were test pilots that got a lucky break and accepted into the new space program. I would like to know who inspired them. It's how he lead his life that makes me visit the astronauts hall of fame and look into all of the memorabilia displays of Great, Fearless, Trusting, test pilots that took flight to the extreme limits.
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    i love the idea of having a time machine like this like doctor who where you can call some place home
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    I LOVE this. Technology at the time was far enough along to allow one to imagine things like this, but not far along enough for them to achieve it.
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    This is a presentation by Jason Charbonneau of Think Anomalous at Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, on May 27, 2017. He was the second speaker at UFOs, Aliens, and the Academy: An Interdisciplinary Conference which was organized by Matthew Hayes and Laura Thursby of Trent University. The audio is a little rough, but it's still very interesting and well put together. Definitely not anything I've heard about before! Here's a link to the conference website as well: https://ufoconferencetrent.wordpress.com
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    All directions leading out of a location always converge at the "antipodal point" on the other side of a sphere That's just the nature of geometry, so I'm not convinced this means anything but it's definitely interesting.
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    A lot of what Titor said was interesting and peaked discussion as time went on. However, after close inspection of his "predictions" and general questions and answers you find that a lot of information he presented is vague and can be attributed to things that were already known in the months he "visited" us. For example the work being done at CERN in regards to black holes was already in progress - yet they didn't achieve laboratory micro singularities at the time - it was an inevitable progression. Naturally someone in the 'know' would conclude it would happen eventually. Does that mean they are from the future? There are many other similar statements made by Titor that lead people to believe he was from the future, mainly because he "sounded" like he was. Taking the weather prediction is, again, indicative of that time in 2000/1 when people were already speculating on weather pattern changes. Scientists were already discussing it and sounding the 'warning bell' so to speak even as far back as the 1970s. Just because Titor talked about it doesn't mean he was from the future. Just means he was well informed at a time when many people still were unsure (and even today the uncertainly of the weather patters is still up for debate). Just my interpretations anyway. Critical thinking seems to lead me to that conclusion.