Ambition (2014)

A young apprentice (Aisling Franciosi) struggles to master nanotechnology on an alien world and prove herself to her enigmatic master (Aidan Gillen). Will her herculean goals remain tantalizingly out of reach, or will she fulfill them and in the process, change life as we know it? Tomek Bagi?ski?s short film Ambition is a collaborative project between the European Space Agency and Platige Image highlighting Rosetta, ESA?s real mission to rendezvous with, escort and land on a comet.

Director: Tomek Baginski
Writer: Tomek Baginski, Tobiasz Piatkowski, Jacek Dukaj, Jan Pomierny, Afolabi Kuti
Released: 2014-10-24
Runtime: 6 minutes