A common cold vaccine is coming!

So everyone gets colds and the sniffles every so often, right? Everyone is miserable, has to take time off work or school, pollute our system with medications that make us feel funny, and hope that we feel better asap. What if I told you that an Austrian scientist, Rudolf Valenta, has created a vaccine for the common cold and it could be on the market in less than a decade!?!

Rudolf Valenta is even to the point where he has registered a patent and is working on selecting the most viable candidate for testing. This development could be exciting and significant since Valenta is confident that he has figured out a way to block the human rhinovirus with a vaccine.

Instead of the immune system trying – and failing – to break into the centre of the virus as usual, the vaccine directs the immune response towards the virus’s outer shell.

Check out the science behind it and the article:

I can see this as a good thing and a bad thing for our immune systems overall, but am interested to see how the human trials go and if it will work. Let me hear your thoughts!