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  1. The Navy involvement in NASA from 1962 to 1976 is stated in his career. While regular citizens wished to be where he was, they needed to join the correct branch of the defence department or no chance at all. The truth of joining the Navy as the way into the space program is disclosed in John Young 's write up on space.com. He und the right way while others just went unnoticed flying concord or 777 and all kinds of things. See Franky Zapata inspire many on internet videos, and notice that defence department is very interested in his site. John Young must have a Navy writing obituary for further reading. He fulfilled a long career of work and service to be proud of.
  2. It was Wally Schirra and John Young and a few others that inspired me to get out and live my life. They were test pilots that got a lucky break and accepted into the new space program. I would like to know who inspired them. It's how he lead his life that makes me visit the astronauts hall of fame and look into all of the memorabilia displays of Great, Fearless, Trusting, test pilots that took flight to the extreme limits.