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  1. Comanche Ghost; should he remember?

    It hasn't been mentioned. I have the equipment to do an investigation, and since this is a confirmed haunting, really would like to ask about what he is experiencing as far as time and environment. However, am hesitant to do anything that might cause the ghost to become dangerous. Almost any other ghost, would jump right in and get what ever is possible. Researching about the Comanche, don't think it's a good idea to have him remember anything other than he is looking for his shield.
  2. Comanche Ghost; should he remember?

    They haven't. Just going by the theory that people that meet with demise suddenly, tend not to know they're dead. That battle happens to fit that bill. The Comanches involved in the fight thought they would be victorious and got a big surprise. And that he is looking for his sacred shield also is indicative that he was in battle when he did meet his demise.
  3. Comanche Ghost; should he remember?

    a more complete account of the battle . the Comanches gave chase ... Hays instructed half of his men to follow at a distance as a reserve while the rest delivered the charge. The leading squad of horsemen dutifully closed with the braves, fired a volley and spun in retreat. When the Comanches gave chase, they ran right into the teeth of the following squad’s fire, including rapid fusillades from the Colts. “That plan worked well,” exulted Nichols...
  4. Comanche Ghost; should he remember?

  5. Comanche Ghost; should he remember?

    Not that I'm aware of...a battle between a band of Comanche warriors and Texas Rangers did take place near-by in the past. This battle was the first of it's kind for the Comanche's, the Texas Rangers were carrying brand new repeating guns that didn't need to be re-loaded after every shot. The Comanches used their typical tactic of rushing the Rangers with one wave of riders, to be followed by another wave. The warriors expected the Rangers to be reloading after shooting at the first wave, but, surprise, surprise. this time the Rangers did not need to reload. Blasted the 2nd wave right off of their horses.
  6. Comanche Ghost; should he remember?

    He and his family have seen the ghost. Nothing that could be considered hostile has ever occurred. My friend has had enough activity to feel it necessary to call in the psychics to try to make contact with the ghost. Some were successful. The warrior claims that he lost his sacred shield, and is looking for it. Other than that, he doesn't know who or what he is. I was going to try some experiments - but reading up on Comanche warriors, changed my mind. Think it better he remain confused. As far as the shield goes, that would have rotted away long ago. My primary interest actually is how the ghost perceives time. Doesn't he know that he's been looking for his sacred shield for more than a century ( or longer ) ? And when he isn't around my friends house , where is he ? Does he even see the house ? No one seems to ask THOSE questions. But in asking, wouldn't want him to become aware of who and what he is and go full on Comanche on me or my friends family. Being ( according to my friend ) a location with verified activity, is hard to just throw to the way side. On the other hand, better safe than sorry??? Do have another location in mind where I personally had experiences. But that is for another thread.
  7. Friend of mine were discussing ghosts and he eventually admitted to having a ghost in his home. He told me that he even had several psychics come to his house and they learned who the ghosts was roaming about ; a confused Comanche warrior. The Comanche warrior ghost knows he is looking for a lost personal artifact, but, does not remember who he is or what he is. Knowing the reputation of the Comanche warriors at the time he potentially became a ghost ; would it be wise to engage in activities with this warrior and accidentally remind of him who he is and what he is ?