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  1. You Want Weird?

    Here is Donna Kossy's Kooks Museum: http://web.archive.org/web/20080215015348/http://www.pacifier.com/~dkossy/kooksmus.html Another weird theory that use to run around out there was the Aquatic Ape Theory put forth first by Alister Hardy and then Elaine Morgan. http://www.aquaticape.org
  2. I came back to add this: UFO Witness Testimony: True or False? http://ufor.blogspot.com UFOs: Distortion or Mental Aberrations http://ufor.blogspot.com/2011/12/ufos-distortion-or-mental-aberrations.html
  3. Bat-winged man hit by delivery truck?

    Possible yes...But to me the account lacks plausibility..."The human perception system is rife with always of getting it wrong." Neil Degrasse Tyson
  4. It should not matter what your occupation is or what kind of degree you have when claims like this are made...It comes down to credibility....His will not suffer as much as some one say is an Astrophysicists or some thing like that....You have to stop short of calling these kind of claims lies simply because there is no evidence physically...Ever heard of the Betty and Barney Hill story? One of the more famous alien abduction stories. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barney_and_Betty_Hill Their claim was that they were abducted by aliens that came from the Zeti Reticula system....Every time I see that one person comes to mind and thats Nancy Lieder....Ever heard of her? Her claim is that she had aliens from this system implant some kind of device in her and thats how they communicate with her...She runs the website Zetatalk.... Psychologists have suggested that sleep paralysis maybe the culprit in a lot of these events...Which causes sleepers to experience a temporary immobility and the feeling they are being watched. http://www.history.com/topics/history-of-ufos
  5. No two people will read it the same way thats sure.
  6. 3D Tour of a Space Cloud Full of Baby Stars

    Sweet...Finally something that has not been Photoshopped and dropped on You Tube...Good find.
  7. Thats his description of it.....Thats fine. But in order for me to believe him I am going to have to have something other than "I was abducted by aliens." More evidence other than "I was abducted..." Now all that said with the literally thousands of claims out there by people claiming to have been abducted by aliens I ask myself this question..Were they actually abducted or just making this up to draw attention to themselves? I am not saying they have not been abducted but I think the long and short of it is until some one comes back with an artifact of alien design its just their claim and nothing more.
  8. And what knowledge is there exactly to hide from the masses? The Sumerians had no great secrets that I know of....Other than Doomers taking the Nibiru crap to a whole new level of fakeology....There is nothing in this that even implies its some kind of mass control of the population at large.
  9. You Want Weird?

    This book is no longer in print but I think a revised version has been put out and I believe its available on Amazon....Not sure so don't quote me. Church of the Subgenius (High Weirdness by Mail.) http://subgenius.com/hwbw.htm Also read Doona Kossy's book "Kooks"...
  10. The moon is not what you think it is

    Did you purposely insert the spam ad for CrankMoney.Com or was that an accident?
  11. Next time anyone who claims they have been abducted by Aliens do this.....Steal something off the spaceship while your there...Because if you do then it will be unlike anything we have on Earth and make it easier to prove your claim.
  12. Bat-winged man hit by delivery truck?

    There are two problems with this account that I see, first he says this: There is the above. Then this: Now which was it? In the first statement he says he saw it clear as day then in the next he could not make it out.....I am assuming fear may have had something to do with it.
  13. I took agriculture in High School...Had two years of it.....As far as Sitchin goes he mean't well and was way off base concerning the Sumerians cuneiform writings. I have read most of his book the 12th Planet and agree they are a very dry read.
  14. New member introductions

    Hell's Prophet here..Well I am not really from Hell by the way...I live in the Carolina's...Been on an off various forums for years. I am married, no kids but we do have 3 cats....My job is of no interest here so I will not discuss it. I spent almost 7 years in the U.S. Army as a Truck Driver and a Petroleum Supply Specialist....My interest are varied and numerous...I like reading and investigating all types of UFO/Alien stuff, Cryptozoology is another favorite of mine, I do dabble in Conspiracy Theories as well. I like things related to Ancient Egypt especially embalming and mummification....One thing I do take seriously is all the fear mongering going on about end of the world scenarios especially this Planet X/Nibiru BS so if you post any of that crap here expect to see me down the line.
  15. 3 UFOs spotted over Spokane, WA

    Thats the problem with a lot of this UFO stuff...Your relying on eyewitness testimony....And to many of these videos can be hoaxed....