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  1. There has to be something holding back tech for poorer countries. Especially for food production too many are not fed in this world. Many sit back and watch, though some do amazing work its very short of what could be done on a larger scale, no human should go hungry. Its a basic rite of life.
  2. Cool man, i may follow up this with a bit more research on the gateway process. As there are others interested in this. Thanks for reading, another made an observation which i missed Its missing a page around Pg 25. I will endeavour to track it down, though im not sure if it was an error.
  3. Thats a good question.
  4. Easy answer for me. The Alexandria library before it was burnt. Just my opinion Hilter got away on a u boat. This was doing the rounds for a while. There was another pic of him but i think it was shopped.
  5. Late night radio and podcasts?

    I have listened to some of the old CTC stuff i love it, Down my way dont really have enough of that sort of material. In saying that though there are some radio shows were anyone can ring in, more about whinging about the state of politics and such. But some interesting topics, i only listen for a short time in the car on the way home from work, so maybe i dont have the full picture on some of these late nighters.
  6. NASA Releases Photo of Cartwheel Galaxy

    Thanks looks awesome, hard to believe really but then we are only humans what do we know.
  7. I can SEE again

    Hahas, Good info though in case others come into that situation. I dont wear glasses yet, but the money gets ripped from ya for sure.
  8. I'll try. To take from one of the opening paragraphs as Wayne Mcdonnell writes. It uses Bob Monroe's techniques to achieve altered states of consciousness, hemi sync. Syncing the brain hemisphere. This seems to me to be similar to Binarual Beats. Also used are Hypnosis, Transcendental Meditation, frequencies, resonance, bio feedback, holograms and a few other things. Looking to alter the consciousness a document trying to understand the gateway process. At 29 pages it is a bit of a read but if you interested in this sort of thing, then have a look.
  9. You Want Weird?

    Same here will have a look at some of them.:)
  10. If they were able to create our modern systems 6,000 years ago, a knowledge must have been considerable. Where they able to get help from above? Maybe its the way i read into it.
  11. If there are some like this there are others. Karma will catch them matter of time.
  12. https://www.thoughtco.com/saint-germain-the-immortal-count-2594421