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  1. Hi all Found this wicked cool article https://gizmodo.com/picture-of-single-trapped-atom-wins-uk-science-photogra-1822957405/amp
  2. Luminous Universe (Poem)

    Hello everyone here it’s a poem that I wrote . Luminous Universe Driving through luminous points in the sky. Spheres of gas begins to burst rapidly. Hydrogen,and helium floats in the air. Luminous spheres of plasma is everywhere. I find myself mesmerized by galaxies,comets,planets,moon,sun,and meteorites. Distracted by the beauty of outer space. Reminding myself of all the mysterious of the universe. Hidden away by laws of physics. K.A
  3. Electronic Skin self healing

    Hello everyone I came across this wicked cool article today https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/2/9/16994944/electronic-skin-recyclable-environment-self-heal
  4. Hello All Here it’s a wicked cool article related to the asteroid . https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/asteroid-2018-cb-passing-earth-friday-says-nasa/
  5. 3D Food Printers

    Hi everyone I like to imagine what tech will be like in an few years from now or couple of years.I think that maybe eventually they will replace microwaves with 3D food printers. I wonder if the food will taste the same though
  6. If you could control time and space, where would you go?

    I agree no human should go hungry The thought of that makes me sad .
  7. If you could control time and space, where would you go?

    I like to imagine what tech will be like by 2050 I think that we will be able to choose more phones varieties besides iPhones & androids by 2050. I think FaceTime by then will be kinda of like virtual reality somewhat. I think that 3D food printers will be world wide and maybe replaced as microwaves by then . i think that microbots will be very popular Usage for medical technology a lot by 2050 worldwide . I like to imagine what future tech will be like so these are just what I think it will be like .So I don’t mind being wrong at all.
  8. The Kardashev Scale

    I think this is where Star Trek got the idea maybe I don’t know. But sadly were not on the scale yet .Cuz were not even an level 1 yet. But it is interesting
  9. The Kardashev Scale

    Hello Everyone So I’ve known about the Kardashev Scale for about a while now. An Russian Astrophysicist named Nikolai Kardashev came up with the scale. The scale is basically different levels of civilizations out there in the universe in the Cosmic signals. https://futurism.com/the-kardashev-scale-type-i-ii-iii-iv-v-civilization/
  10. If you could control time and space, where would you go?

    I would go to 2050 just out of curiosity though. To see how technology progressed from 2018 to 2050. I’m a huge tech nerd and I also think we can tell a lot from a certain era due to tech progression.
  11. Altais Star ( Poem )

    Hello everyone Just wanted to share a poem that I wrote.It’s related to the Altais Star Constellation also known as Draco Constellation. Floating Away. In a luminous bright yellow star. Floating in the constellation of Aquila. In the center of the 12th most luminous sphere in the sky. Floating away. Letting the universe take me away. Rotating quickly in space. Surrounded by this beautiful celestial object that brightens the night sky.
  12. Hi all Here is wicked awesome article https://www.sciencenews.org/article/clumps-dark-matter-could-be-lurking-undetected-our-galaxy
  13. Late night radio and podcasts?

    I have been listening to Neil Degrasse Tyson Startalk Radio ,and The Mile Higher Podcast lately Startalk radio is runned by Astrophysicist Neil Degrassi Tyson so I like to him and his theories related to Astrophysics The Mile Higher Podcast is runned by a couple Kendall Rae , and Josh Le’dore . Think I spelled his name wrong lol .Anyways they make episodes related to aliens,ufos,ancient civilizations,astronomy,etc .They just started on podcast. But I like their podcast so far
  14. Hey everyone Here is a wicked awesome article related to black holes,and energy particles https://www.sciencenews.org/article/mysterious-high-energy-particles-could-come-black-hole-jets
  15. NASA Releases Photo of Cartwheel Galaxy

    Very true but pics like this one is so fascinating.