The Witching Hour (2015)

When the clock strikes midnight, all manner of ghouls and monsters are unleashed onto the world.

Wrath (2015)

Run on Home. Heed the Warning. Don’t Come Out Till Early Morning.

Entropia (2017)

An aging woman attempts to regain her youth through her taxidermy and spell books.

H?nsel und Gretel (2008)

Johannes Felsenstein?s production of HANSEL AND GRETEL presents it with every sinister element removed. The children remain in a home setting with their own bed central to the scene and the barest hint of a forest behind, while their father plays the witch as an amiable, totally benevolent figure, not sinister at all, even joining […]

Kitten Witch (2016)

A precocious kitten wants to be a witch’s familiar and must pass a test or she will forever be just simple cat, but the witch sees something in the kitten she does not expect.

Young Goodman Brown (1993)

Based of Nathaniel Hawthorn’s short story of the same name. Newly married husband leaves for the night only to discover his wife maybe a witch.