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3 UFOs spotted over Spokane, WA

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This video was filmed in April 2015 but was just recently submitted to MUFON.


Witness report: I was on my way to work and my first turn was down a hill (My city is in a river valley). I saw these three bright lights in the sky not much higher than my current elevation. I drove down the hill and pulled off at a conveinent place and took out my cell phone. I believe it was a iphone 4s. I began to record these slow moving objects. I propped my cellphone on the hood of my truck so the images wouldn’t be too shakey (I do believe in UFOs and I hate shakey videos). Anyway. I saw what looked like a police car (Gonzaga University Police) was my first thought. I was at a new construction site and having worked the US Census in 2010 I knew these guys were no fun to deal with and cut my video because there was an arson fire at a previous build. Anyway, I left. I was hoping to catch the lights again on a bridge over a valley on my way to work (which would have been amazing). But, I never saw the slow moving lights again. I want to add I have about 10 years in Security and was on my way to work at an airport. These lights were not on any flight path I have ever seen (They mostly fly just north of my house). I believe this is the exact date. I am using my cellphones date / time stamp.

I think it's a bit hard to tell that this is something out of the ordinary... Why did it take 3 years to report it?

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On 1/8/2018 at 3:33 PM, Hells Prophet said:

Yep...3 years would make you wonder....

If I had recorded what this person did, the last thing I'd do is let it sit in a drawer or the back of my computer drive for 3 years. 

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