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The real Christopher Robin

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I came across these photos of the original; "Christopher Robin" and Winnie the Pooh from 1926... I thought the pictures were interesting, but then I read this:


There is a dark side to the young Milne's life, however. Later in life, he grew to resent dear old dad for thrusting him into the public eye and essentially exploiting his childhood — or so he felt. He published a series of his own books describing the difficulties of growing up Pooh. He also became an atheist, which is kind of ironic considering the religious associations people often make with Pooh. Fans who cherished Milne's childhood book series were disappointed by his reactions, but new generations have found much to love about the classic character.


Like most kids, I grew up watching this stuff but it never occurred to me that the boy the cartoons and everything was based on would feel resentful about having his childhood "commercialized" like that. I'm not sure I'd feel the same way, but it's understandable.




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