The four travelers are brought back to the encampment. The tribe is initially hostile to Za and his friends, especially when they accuse him of murdering the tribal elder. Still, the Doctor persuades the tribe that Kal murdered Old Mother by deceiving Kal into showing the clan his bloody knife. The Doctor and Ian lead the tribe in an attack that sends Kal into the woods. The resurrected Za is proclaimed leader once again, but instead of thanking the Doctor by freeing the travelers, he orders their return to the Cave of Skulls, where he will either acquire the secret of fire from them or sacrifice them to Orb.

Ian produces fire for Za in the Cave of Skulls, utilizing friction to create a spark hoping that this gift will persuade the tribe to release them. Za approaches them to chat with them and is captivated by the flames. Ian claims that everyone in his “tribe” knows how to make fire. Za asks Ian if he is the chief of his tribe. He says (with a look to Susan) that the Doctor is in charge.

Meanwhile, Kal returns to the camp. He assassinates the guard outside the cave and then attacks Za. When Kal notices the fire, he grabs his axe and strikes at Za. Za takes a big branch and fractures Kal’s axe with it to defend himself. Finally, Za takes the upper hand and chokes Kal in a headlock before knocking him to the cave floor. As Za takes up a large stone, Barbara pulls her head away, knowing what Za is about to do will be too horrific to see. Susan looks away in fear as Kal’s neck is wrenched. Za uses a skull-crushing blow to crack the stone on Kal’s head, killing him and establishing his leadership; the Doctor is greatly upset by this cruel action. Za is unrivaled now that he has fire at his disposal. Nonetheless, he abandons the Doctor and his companions in the cave.

After hunting, Za declares that the visitors will integrate with his tribe rather than leave and commands them to remain in the cave eternally. Meanwhile, the four try to devise a plan of escape; Susan, unwittingly, places a skull in a flame. This prompts Ian to design a strategy to frighten and divert the tribe long enough to depart. Four skulls are set on top of torches that are on fire. This terrifying vision distracts the cave inhabitants, allowing the travelers to flee into the wilderness. This time, the four travelers get it back inside the TARDIS just in time for the Doctor to enter before the tribesmen catch up with them. The TARDIS dematerializes as the tribesmen throw spears at it, leaving them speechless. Za, on the other hand, is defeated.

The Doctor reveals that he has no idea where they will wind up next or when they will arrive because the TARDIS isn’t providing any data to help him steer the ship. The scanner eventually reveals their new destination, a mysterious jungle with strange-looking trees. The Doctor asks Susan to assess the radiation levels before they set out to explore the planet. They are at a healthy level. As the four exit the console room to clean up, the radiation detector’s needle enters the “Danger” zone, and a warning light begins to flash…

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