Ian, Barbara, and Susan attempt to flee the Cave of Skulls, but the Doctor appears despondent and useless. Ian chastises him, causing the Doctor to advise that they break the ropes that bound their hands and legs with the bones of the dead. The group begins to come together.

The tribe is sleeping in the main cave. The female elder begins to awaken. She takes Za’s knife and proceeds to the Cave of Skulls. Hur has seen her, unbeknownst to the older woman. When she arrives in the Cave of Skulls, she finds a big stone blocking the door. She does, however, appear to be aware of an alternate way.

Inside the Cave of Skulls, the Doctor and his companions are attempting to liberate Ian so that he can protect them if necessary. Susan gasps as the elder smashes through a breach in the vegetation blocking the cave’s entrance.

Hur wakes Za and summons him out of the cave to inform him that the elder has taken his knife and exited the cave. They conclude that she visited the Cave of Skulls. Hur believes the elder is scared of fire, so she plans to murder the four to keep the tribe from discovering the secret.

However, the elder uses the knife to liberate the four, while Za and Hur attempt to take the stone outside. The four flee out the back of the cave as the stone trembles. Za, enraged, throws the elder to the ground. Hur persuades Za that catching the Doctor and harnessing the fire is the only way he can keep the tribe’s authority. Za and Hur rush into the woods in search of the Doctor.

The four have been disoriented in the wilderness and are attempting to get back to the TARDIS. Ian and the Doctor clash once more as Ian assumes command. Barbara trips and falls when they dispute. She cries as she crashes on a dead boar, alerting Za and Hur. The Doctor and his companions are forced to flee due to the movement of the foliage.

While Za and Hur are catching up with them, Za is attacked by a wild beast and severely injured. Barbara and Ian strive to help Za against the Doctor’s wishes. The Doctor tries to talk Susan out of going, implying abandoning Ian and Barbara. Ian and Barbara assist Za, much to Hur’s chagrin. She has no concept of friendship and is openly hostile to Susan, believing she attempts to steal Za from her. The Doctor picks up a stone and makes his way to Za, but Ian stops him. The Doctor claims that he intended to have Za sketch a map of the TARDIS using the stone. The Doctor informs his companions that the tribal elder is still alive and well among the cavemen. He is concerned that she may awaken them and pursue the tourists. Ian constructs a makeshift stretcher to transport Za back to the TARDIS and heal him there.

Kal has returned to the hamlet and discovered the cave to be empty. He interrogates the prostrate elder, who claims she freed the Doctor and his companions. Kal murders her. He returns to the tribe to inform them that Za was the one who let the Doctor go so he could keep the fire to himself. The tribe is skeptical, but Kal claims that the elder will back him up. When Kal returns to the cave to “find” the dead elder, he claims Za was the one who murdered her. Kal names himself the chief of his new tribe and sets out to find Za.

The Doctor and his companions are delighted to discover the TARDIS. Their escape attempt is thwarted, however, when the tribesmen come. They decide to run, but Kal and the other tribesmen block their path…

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