In their search for Barbara, Ian, Susan, and the Doctor come into a room full of devices, including a Geiger counter, which indicates they have been exposed to radiation. They recognize the gravity of the situation, forcing the Doctor to admit to sabotaging the fluid link and advising them to leave immediately, abandoning Barbara. This increases their mistrust of one another. Frustrated by the Doctor’s duplicity, Ian kidnaps the fluid link to force the Doctor to assist him in his search for Barbara. As they exit the area, they are surrounded by Daleks, who imprison them. Ian tries to flee but is shot by the Daleks, paralyzing his legs. They’re in the same cell as Barbara.

The Daleks summon the Doctor and question him. They explain that they are survivors of a neutronic battle with the planet’s occupants, which resulted in mutations in both races. The Daleks are now restricted to their travel machines and the confines of their metallic metropolis. The Doctor convinces the Daleks that the travelers will die from radiation illness if no medications are found. The Daleks tell one of them to go immediately. Susan is despatched to recover the vials left outside the TARDIS since the Doctor and Barbara are both too sick, and Ian is still paralyzed. She makes her way out of town and back into the petrified forest, trailed by an enigmatic figure. The Daleks reveal that if the medications are returned to their city, they will take them and kill the travelers. Susan prepares for the return journey after collecting the anti-radiation medications in the TARDIS.

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