At the start of the American Revolution, the Frasers are in North Carolina, at a spot named Fraser’s Ridge. Claire and Jamie must manage a fragile devotion to the existing British ruling elite as they construct their life together in the rugged and treacherous backcountry of North Carolina, despite Claire’s knowledge of the terrible uprising to come. Along the way, the Frasers meet Stephen Bonnet, a famed pirate and smuggler, in a tragic encounter that would come back to haunt them. Meanwhile, in the twentieth century, Claire and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna Randall, and Roger Wakefield, the historian who assisted in the search for Jamie in the past, have a falling out. However, as the young couple grows closer, they find they have quite different perspectives about their relationship’s future. When Roger and Brianna go looking for confirmation that Brianna’s parents reconciled in the 18th century, they encounter a startling discovery that leads them both to consider following Claire’s lead.

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