Jamie meets up with Horrocks, a British deserter who may be able to clear him of the charges that have been laid against him. He could possibly be caught in a trap. Claire, who has been married for two days, is taught how to defend herself with a knife. When they are ambushed by two British deserters and she is attacked, it comes in handy. Her joy has been destroyed, and she feels resentful of herself for never returning to Craigh Na Dun. When Black Jack Randall kidnaps her again, her attention is diverted. Meanwhile, Frank Randall is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of progress in finding Claire. After several weeks, the police inform him that they believe she may have fled with another guy, possibly the highlander he spotted in the town square before Claire vanished. He encounters Sally at the local pub, who tells him she knows where he may find that young highlander. Frank knows that he may have to move on with his life after that experience. The housekeeper, Mrs. Graham, informs him of the stones.

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